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Chapter 5?
08.04.2014, 02:51,
Chapter 5?
Hello FFG

First of all i want to thank you for your hard word Smile
I wanted to ask if we could have some news about the translation of chapter 5.

Thank you in advance
08.04.2014, 15:55,
RE: Chapter 5?
Hello Ormans!

Sorry, but I can`t give any news to the translation of chapter 5. I don`t know if the translator of chapter 4 continues the work. He said, that he would contact me, if he has time, but chapter 4 was so much to do (and only a few people plays NWN2, because it is an old game ), so it could be, that he don`t want to do another great chapter like that (and I really understand this Wink)
So I think, he will send me a mail, if he want to start again. But perhaps he needs holiday from translation Laugh.
06.05.2014, 13:20,
RE: Chapter 5?
A simple question.
I can speak a little of deutsch, but for the moment I prefer palyng the english mod.
Is it possible to install the part 5 and 6 in german and continue the game after the first 4 part in english?
06.05.2014, 13:33, (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 07.05.2014, 10:18 von Milena.)
RE: Chapter 5?
No that is not possible. The German parts have other names, and the end of a part leads to the following part in english or german. If you have some skills in scripting, you can change the script and the name of the following part, I think this could work. If I have time for this, I could do it for you, if you are at the end of chapter 4. But I can not promise, that it hundert percent will work Wink.
09.05.2014, 13:37,
RE: Chapter 5?
*cry* We really want to know how the story goes on! *cry*
11.05.2014, 08:52,
RE: Chapter 5?
I know Wink. But I need a translator, to do it. Perhaps Chuck will make the rest, but chpater 4 was very much for a single translator, and the following chapters are also very big. Chapter 5 has not so much text, but chapter 6.
I`m very sorry, but if no one translated them, I can do nothing. And NWN2 is old, so there are not much people who are interested to play or to translate.
12.05.2014, 17:08,
RE: Chapter 5?
Ah, to hell with it, give me a few dialogues and I continue translating. Ouch
12.05.2014, 17:52, (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 12.05.2014, 17:53 von Milena.)
RE: Chapter 5?
Willst du dir das wirklich antun Laugh? Überleg es dir lieber nochmal, denn es lohnt sich nur, wenn du vorhast, es ganz zu machen. Und du hast ja schon mitgemacht und weißt, was das für ne Riesenarbeit ist.
Falls du es willst, wäre es am besten, du übersetzt gleich in NWN2 . Ich müßte dann erstmal Kapitel 5 vorbereiten und würde es dir dann mit Anleitung schicken Wink. Laß dir bis zum Wochenende Zeit, so ein Schnellschuß ist ja nicht das Wahre, wenn es um so ein Mammutprojekt geht Wink.

Sorry that I have wrote in german, but my english is to bad for something like this Laugh.
08.11.2022, 10:10,
RE: Chapter 5?
At the end, it it lasted years, but now it ist ready: Chapter 5 is translated, thanks to Chuck, who did so much for this Mod Smile. He will upload it at the end of the week.

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